Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Five Girls - Day 15

Slowly we are bringing the temperature in the brooder down: 90º the first week, 85º the second, and now between 80º and 85º. That at least has been suggested, by the books and websites we read.

The duckies are happy, and squeaky, and are getting more and more excited about the greens we chop up for them each day.We are thinking through issues like where and how we will deal with them living outside in the harsh New England winters. Today Bev went to Agway and bought 50lbs. of 15% protein layer mash (their food), and another bale of pine chips for the girls.

I have to share a few reasons why we decided to raise these little Indian Runner ducks. I have nine specific reasons. These are not Bev's reasons, they are mine. Bev will probably share her reasons another time. So I will present these nine reasons in a picture story below.

If you had all these fake chickens and flamingos in your yard wouldn't you get the real thing to stave off a potential invasion of thousands of fake birds? I am hoping some real ducks will fulfill Bev's passion for winged animals, and keep the garage sale versions out of the garden.

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