Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I've never wanted a tatoo before, but Carlos almost makes me want to get one. Maybe it's because he got a tatoo I really identify with, or perhaps it is because his tatoo is such a wonderful affirmation to me. Maybe because he is the only Aruban in the world with Jesus Christ tatoooed in Welsh on his forearm, and I feel like I should get some Welsh tats. Maybe I'm simply becoming more of a rebel, and I've decided it's time for the revolution to begin.

There is something to be said for creating a tribal identification with life changing groups, and experiences. That is what Carlos did with the Celtic Cross up on the wall of The Vault.

Carlos got the tatoo, because he identified with the mission and message of The Gathering, and has been experiencing some signifacnt change in his relationship with God. The tatoo was like a rite of passage, and it has a tribal indentification.

see Carlos' Tatoo here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Nervous Rebel

So, I've got this conference we will be promoting fast and furious real soon. In about 70 days, we've got a big show to put on, and we've got friends, and fames travelling from other places to speak, and the conference is another pushing the edges kind of thing. We've named it "God for People Who Hate Church." Some people love the name and the idea of the conference, others are freaked by the word "hate."

As a new endeavor, and something bigger than we've done before I am quite nervous. As an event which challenges the way, and the spirit in which we do church, I am happy to be a part of it, and all the more nervous as well. As someone who typically hates Christian conferences - for leaders especially (because they never treat leaders like leaders - they only set up talking heads, and ignore people who might have far more to say), I am fearful of setting up another silly talking heads event - oh Lord save me from that - Please!

So once again, as has been the model of my life - I am the nervous rebel.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How Heretical I Really Am!

Okay, I took another one of those inaccurate online tests, and it is supposed to tell me if I am a heretic. Maybe this one isn't so bad. Fist it says I'm not really a heretic. Second, it says that the heretic I am closest to is Pelagius. Woo-hoo! I am like a Welsh heretic who sought to define freedom for Christianity. Okay, that's kind of cool.

So here's the test results:

You scored as Chalcedon compliant. You are Chalcedon compliant. Congratulations, you're not a heretic. You believe that Jesus is truly God and truly man and like us in every respect, apart from sin. Officially approved in 451.

Chalcedon compliant




























Are you a heretic?
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Friday, February 02, 2007

Apologies at JohnSmulo.com

Occasionally a blog post will significantly stop me, and make me ponder deeper things in life. This simple post about an apology on John Smulo's blog is mundanely profound, and stopped me for about 10 minutes this morning.

Please read it. It is short. But then be sure to comment in a manner specifically significant to your own life.

I have discovered the power of the apology can be life changing.