Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nor smiles upon these leeches' lips

For we have dreamt about things that darken the days
We smile in our sickness and celebrate another's pain
Our strength is in their sacrifice
We eat their flesh
We drink their blood
Not in humbled thanks, but gorging pride

And when another day shall dawn, darkening our eyes
There shall be no sacrifice nor smiles upon these leeches' lips
Our weakness is the loss of strife and harm
No flesh to eat
No blood to drink
But in hungered cries, we'll surely starve

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


my thoughts are my own
at least, I think so
one moment they are controlled
The next unhinged and swinging wildly
    squeaking in the winds
from cursed tri-tones to harmonious hymns
I vacillate ALONE

independent soul?
or whited, blighted bone
now sanded down to whistling moans?
from barren desert dust staring blankly,
    blinkless to each gust
with eyes as holes and empty trust
I exemplify the LONE

looks down from stark sun
caught bare I can not run
knowing this, I am undone
and blistering heat becomes some comfort
    where our souls might meet
sorrow sucks from joy's warmed teat
multiplied by ONE

still working on the hope of bardic transference after sleeping on Cadair Idris

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hark Dark Night

Hark Dark Night

Dark Night
Light Flies
Sighs Hiss
Kiss Fears
Years Pass
Ass Speaks
Freaks Bard
Scarred Mind
Kind Word
Heard Late
Fate Dodged
Lodged Dreams
Streams Free
Flee Dark