Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA, Perez Hilton and Prejudice

Prejudice was the news of the day yesterday. The UN racism conference in Geneva had a walkout when Iran's President Ahmadinejad called Israel a racist state. Then Perez Hilton tells us that Miss California lost the title because she made the comment that she does not favor gay marriage.

These are two examples of reverse discrimination in action. Irrespective of one's beliefs about these issues, the fact that reverse discrimination rears its ugly head on the public scene should be noted, and called for what it is - prejudice, racism, and unacceptable public behavior.

Walkout - good. See video here. This speaks for itself. The clowns at the beginning add a little craziness to the spectacle which this already is.

Miss California loosing for graciously disagreeing with same sex marriage - bad. See video here. This is reverse discrimination from the judges of Miss USA. Is it no longer acceptable to be conservative on social issues, and therefore something which disqualifies a person from beauty winning contests? I hope the pageant gets sued for millions, and sponsors back out from supporting them. Perez Hilton's response to someone who disagrees with his personal agenda for living is a prejudiced disgrace. See Perez' response on Larry King here.