Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Book Report: Peter Rollins' "The Orthodox Heretic: amd other impossible tales"

A couple weeks ago I finished Peter Rollins "The Orthodox Heretic: and other impossible tales." Phyllis Tickle called the book his "most engaging and accessible book to date." I think that was a way of saying that Pete probably hasn't written anything this easy to read since he was 3 years old. He does tend to write over most of our heads, and I have loved his previous books. So I was a touch skeptical coming into this one.

It is a collection of short stories followed by an interpretation of their meaning. As is the way of Pete, he turns the tables on what we expect and challenges us to rethink theology and life with God. There is a significant number of these stories which focus on social action, or as some will call it "the social gospel." This was to such a degree that about three quarters way through the book I thought perhaps the stories in the latter half would all turn that direction, but then Pete changed course again and created a number of interesting tales with deep personal challenge.

This may be Peter Rollins' easiest read, but it is by no means simple in its approach to dynamic transformation. I have been using some of these stories during our Lectio Divina scripture meditation evenings.

My opinion: Good book. Worth the read. It will change the way some of you think.

Next: I am now reading Tony Jones' book The Teaching of the Twelve. A book highlighting the Didache and applying it to Christianity today. Tony and Pete are friends who have been battling it out over facebook about whose stuff is better. I will give my opinion after I finish Tony's book.