Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I've never wanted a tatoo before, but Carlos almost makes me want to get one. Maybe it's because he got a tatoo I really identify with, or perhaps it is because his tatoo is such a wonderful affirmation to me. Maybe because he is the only Aruban in the world with Jesus Christ tatoooed in Welsh on his forearm, and I feel like I should get some Welsh tats. Maybe I'm simply becoming more of a rebel, and I've decided it's time for the revolution to begin.

There is something to be said for creating a tribal identification with life changing groups, and experiences. That is what Carlos did with the Celtic Cross up on the wall of The Vault.

Carlos got the tatoo, because he identified with the mission and message of The Gathering, and has been experiencing some signifacnt change in his relationship with God. The tatoo was like a rite of passage, and it has a tribal indentification.

see Carlos' Tatoo here.


Adam Gonnerman said...

I feel like I only half-understood that post. Probably I'd need to be more of an "insider" to get it. In any event, I like the celtic cross on the wall.

Pastor Phil said...

You caught me half-written on the blog. I've added a bit, and the link to Carlos' actual tatoo. Carlos is a sociologist by trade, and the connection from the tatoo to the tribal identification was all the more evident, because of his philosophy of life.

Marieke said...

Carlos' tattoo is beautiful..great work!

I have a tattoo that was a "rite of passage" type of thing for me as well, so I know what you mean. In fact, after reading this post, I think I understand why I did even further, if that makes sense....I may have to do a blogpost of my own about this...

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Marieke,

Are you gonna show a pic of the tat too? Geez - bad pun, I know.

I'll look out for that post.

mike said...

speaking of tats, next time i am out there you should remind me to show you my rabbit tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Cool Tat. I have a photo of that celtic cross at the Gathering. Fantastic artwork. It's great that the tat artist managed to capture it.



Anonymous said...

get a tat, get a tat, get a tat :)
i think there's something cool about knowing you've chosen something you identify with, for better for worse. being english, we always think of sheep when we think of wales, so i propose a nice big lamb on your forehead haha. and if you're not sure, there's always the temporary 5 year option.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Caz,

Sheep on the forehead? Heck no! We're talking a Red Dragon - eating a White Dragon.