Monday, June 01, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Five Girls - Day 13

Today was fairly uneventful in the life of the girls and Duck Daddy and Bev the Duck Mom, but that's a good thing. No developments in the brooder. It is working fine, and is easier to clean than the first week of poop filled towels, and changing water every couple hours.

After being away at a business workshop in the afternoon I returned home about 3pm. Congressman John Tierney was upstaged by 10-11 inches of fuzzy yellow waterfowls. After walking Holly (our retired Greyhound whom we hope will like the ducks - or maybe I should say not like the ducks, because she may like them as crunchy little morsels), I took the ducks outside for awhile. I have to be quite careful when I take them out. They are getting to be faster runners, and if I walk at a medium pace they can almost keep up with me, and run right under my feet.

Apart from getting out of the kiddie pool brooder to run in the sun their favorite part of the day is when we chop up greens and put them in their waterer. A large handful of finely chopped greens will be gone in not much longer than a minute.

We still have the brooder at about 85ยบ, and they seem comfortable, but one of the girls is sneezing a little tonight. It might that she is just clearing her little nostrils, but of course we are watching closely to see how she does.

Oh - you will want to check back tomorrow. Kirstin is coming over, She is a reporter who goes to The Gathering. She is doing a story on urban farming, and wants to check up on the girls and talk to myself, and Bev. Bev grew up on a dairy farm, so Kirstin is really interested in talking to Bev.

I have just one picture I wanted to show tonight. This is my favorite picture so far. I hope that Holly and the ducks get along when it is time for the ducks to go to the outside pen we are making. What do you think of Holly and the ducks getting along? Leave a comment and let me know if this picture gives us any hints.

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