Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Five Girls - Day 14

The girls are 2 weeks old now. They have grown rapidly, they drink like fish, and eat like sumo wrestlers. Here is a comparison of day 1 and day 14:

Tonight Kristen came over to interview the ducks. She brought her camera, and her little recorder to record the interview. It was an interview about urban farming. We'll see if the ducks make the cut to be in the article. They certainly are cute enough, and have enough attitude for becoming the next big super models. Their parents on the other hand are rank amateurs. If they make the cut we'll post it on Duck Daddy's blog here.

Of course, not all our neighbors know we have ducks yet. We told all the neighbors with kids, and naturally they are excited. The others could find out in the news - hm mmmm.

Kristen asked if we got the ducks as pets or as egg layers. Bev said as pets, but the eggs were a good benefit. I said for the eggs. Heck who would want ducks for pets!?


Seriously, as cute and fun as they are these girls could end up being real workers. 300 eggs a year from each duck - that is what Indian Runners produce. I was thinking about that and realized that this is roughly equal to working a six day week throughout the year, and taking off for the sabbath. I'll be looking to see if they rest on Saturday or Sunday, that will determine of they are Jewish or Christian.

Okay that's all the silliness for now. Here's one last picture of Bev acting like these ducks are pets.

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