Thursday, June 11, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Five Girls - Days 22-23

Cool weather here in New England has made the last two days tough on the 5 girlies. They have not been outside in the yard, because it is so cold, and mildly raining as well.

Yet a few big things happened in the last two days: 1) they got new living arrangements. These girl are getting so big that the old plastic kiddie pool brooder was replaced by a 6' X 10' inflatable kiddie pool. On the last post, you saw me blowing it up. Yesterday I squeezed it into the end of the room they are brooding in - and I do mean barely. I am not sure the picture does it justice. 2) The girls went swimming in the kitchen sink yesterday as well. The sink is deep, and does not have separated sides. It is simply one big sink, and yesterday it was filled with little quackers. I did not have my camera, and my hands were full once they were in the sink - even though I swam only two at a time. 3) Today more swimming. This time we filled their old brooder after cleaning it out from it poo-brooder days. They were all able to swim together. 4) One of the ducks is going through a voice change. One moment super high squeak, the next a little low voiced quack.

Now, as far as the new brooder: This is evidence that we are being influenced by some secret mind-controlling power of the ducks. Why else would be stacking our furniture on top off itself to make space for a kiddie pool in the room?

When we swim the ducks we are putting lettuce in the water. They are simply in ducky heaven. A pool and their favorite meal - well, other than the occasional bug they catch. - this is the closest thing to duck heaven on earth.


cern said...

Ducky heaven indeed. :) How long until they get to live outside?



Pastor Phil said...

Probably 2 weeks until they are graduated and go out and earn a living. ;-)