Thursday, May 28, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Six Girls - Day 9

I am going to write a book about cooking for ducks. Well, it's not really cooking, but it is work. These six girls love their greens. Sometimes they squeak incessantly until I bring some chopped up greens. I have gone out in to the yard to pick the dandelion leaves. (I suppose it's a good thing there are dandelions in our lawn.) Other times I chop lettuce from the fridge. It is almost midnight, a few minutes ago one of the noisiest girls was squeaking away, and now they are quiet. I chopped a big Romaine leaf up finely, and fed it to them. You should see how happy they get! I think they ate 6 large romaine leaves today. They'll be working on a whole head of lettuce in a week or so.

Since the new brooder design we have to pick the girls up and put them in the original small galvanized steel washbasin (with a towel on the bottom to protect their young duckie feet, because this is the time they can injure their little feet.) Then we remove the poopy wet towels, and clean out the double-decker kiddie pool brooder. Then we transfer them back with fresh water and food. The ducks poop so much, and get things so wet, that this has to happen at least three times a day.

Yesterday, Bev called the doctor, because her eye was itchy and red. She thought that maybe she got duck poop in her eye, and that she had some disease as a result of that. The doctor gave her something for it. She feels better now. I guess she had duckpoopeyetis. ta-dum.

Well, that's all for now. The ducks are quiet again, and it's late. Here is one more photo. They are so cute, and I am sure they know it. Bev's co-workers at BU Dental School wanted to see photos of the ducks. Here she is taking some photos with her cell phone. Check out these little posers!

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