Saturday, May 30, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Five Girls - Day 11 :-(

This morning our little weak ducking was weaker than the day before. Bev and I took her out of the brooder and held her, and hand fed her. She was so cute. She would make her way up my chest, and snuggle under my chin, and pick at my neck, and beard hairs. We separated her from her sisters in case she had a communicable disease. By noon she had had a couple bouts which looked like grand mal seizures, and I held her through these, but after one of those seizures I went back to some of my preparations for Sunday morning, and came back to find her dead. So, as you can see by the title, Duck Daddy has juts five girls now.

Because she had these little seizures, we were concerned that maybe she had something, and it could pass on to the other girls. So, we are on watch to see if any of the others show signs of lethargy and sleepiness, or loss of appetite. She was weaker than the others right from the beginning, so that is a hopeful sign in terms of potential disease.

The rest of the girls have grown so much,and today they spent a good deal of time outside on the lawn with us. I have to be careful where I walk when we take them outside, because they follow me everywhere, and they are beginning to take on characteristics of their breed - they can really run! These two pictures they are running after me, and catch me finally. Don't they look like a poorly organized troupe?

Once they catch me they stand around my feet, pull on my shoelaces, or if I am sitting they try to sit under me, and of course they will do the same with Bev, but Duck Daddy seems to be the one they really follow.

Bev made the comment this afternoon that 5 ducks seemed like so many less than 6. It does seem that way. Why is that?


cern said...

Because 6 ducks is what you have in your mind. Poor baby duck. :(



Pastor Phil said...

For some reason 6 ducks were harder to count in a pinch, if we were trying to make sure they were all together. 5 ducks are immediately noticed, whereas 6 ducks had to be counted, or maybe even double counted. Bev and I both felt this way - weird. The brooder also seems roomy now, whereas it looked crowded to us before. I think these are some the reasons, but of course, we miss the little girlie too.

Raw Faith Real World said...

That is sad that you lost one of them. It could be that she had some health problem from birth. The ducks are way cute. I've always been very partial to ducks and geese and go feed them a lot. It might be a sad comment on my life (I'm not sure since I don't get out enough these days) that your duck stories are one of the highlights of my day currently. I thought of you guys when I was at the park yesterday feeding the ducks and the geese. Adult runners are so funny because they look sort of like running bowling pins with heads. I love them. Keep the photos and stories coming.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks. It was sad to watch the process, and it probably was a birth defect problem, which is expected in about 10% of the ducklings. The others seem to be doing well for now, and they sure are fun to have in the house.

Peace and waterfowl to you,