Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Six Girls - Day 4

Today was colder than yesterday here in Salem, MA. Because the temps were in the 60's we did not have another outdoor excursion for the girls. Their new brooder - the plastic pool with the heat lamp hanging about 18" over it was larger than the previous wash basin so the girls started running around a bit more.

This evening they started doing a quick lap when they got excited. Okay, I think maybe I am getting the idea why they are called Indian Runner Ducks.

Two of the little girls started snuggling up in my hands when I kneel down and hold them cupped together. Here's one of them in this photo. She likes ot simply sit in my hand and nibble at my fingers lightly.

If they are awake, but not feeding one of the girls starts squeaking for attention, and then sometimes they all join in, and once one of us (especially me - the Duck Daddy) shows up, they all stand at attention excited, or maybe even run a lap for us.

Bev went to Agway, and bought a new waterer. This one is a gallon size, and we don't have to change it every hour on the hour anymore.

The girls met a few new friends today. Bev's dad come over in the morning. Now I know where Bev gets her farm girl ways. She grew up on a dairy farm. It is no longer a working farm, but her dad still lives there, and wishes it was a working farm. They don't have animals anymore, but at the end of breakfast her dad said, "I was thinkin'...maybe I should get some ducks and keep them in the barn." Bev's step-mom replied, "Oh no you don't!" He kind of had a slightly sad far away look in his eyes - poor dad.

Bev decided to read the Duck Daddy chronicles today, and she was laughing. Jeepers, she is living it and she's laughing.

Carlos came over to see the ducks while I went down to the church to prepare for tomorrow morning's service. Carlos is a sociologist. I guess that helps him understand ducks. Carlos started quacking like a duck, and they all stood perfectly still, and at attention - straight and tall as he quacked. I wish I was here to take a picture of that.


cern said...

Saw this and thought of you. :)

Pastor Phil said...

That was cool. Thanks Mike. I may have to save our girls. They've been trying to jump out of the brooder today, and one almost made it. Wait till they meet Holly the greyhound face to face for the first time!

eli + ra said...

ha, i can totally see her laughing while reading it!

Pastor Phil said...

Some of it IS funnier afterwards I suppose.