Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Six Girls - Day 8

Day 8 was another day of quacking crazy girls wanting Duck Daddy's attention. The one change was that I had to figure out how to make their brooder something they could not jump out of without putting a net over the top. They were simply getting too tall for the netting.

Indian Runners stand tall when excited, and need headroom. I have read that they will have a crooked neck look if they are penned in places too short. So here was the solution as suggested by Jeff Menasco when he came to see the girls yesterday.
I had a second plastic kiddie pool. I cut the bottom out of it leaving just the sides, and clamped that upside down on the top of the first kiddie pool brooder. Now the sides are twice as high, and the girls don't even think about trying to get out now.

No Video yet of the ducks. Look for that in the next two days.


Elijah Wyman said...

Oh man, they are so cute! When do they get to be outside?

Pastor Phil said...

Hey EE,

It's been too cold for the last few days. We were taking them outside before the little chill factor (in the 50's now). When it pops into the seventies they will get to visit the outdoors, but they can't move out for about a month more.