Monday, May 25, 2009

Duck Daddy and His Six Girls - Day 5

Yesterday, being Sunday was our 5th day with our six little Indian Runner girlie ducks. I went off to prepare for church services early in the morning, and Bev stayed behind to care for the girls, and then join me at the morning service later.

About 9:30am Bev called me.

"Do you have any ideas how make a wall around the tub for the ducks?"

"Why? Did one of them jump out?" I knew this was on the verge of occurring, because I saw one of the little girls leap high enough to almost clear the top of the plastic pool we are using as brooder #2.

"Yes! I was sitting right there in front of the ducks, and one of them jumped out in front of me." They do always appear to want to get as close to you as possible.

So Bev pulled out the netting we have to put over the duck pen when they finally make it outside, and stretched over the top, and clipped it with clothes pins.

Here the girls are trying to look over the edge of the plastic pool brooder. I suppose we ought to figure that ducks called "runners" might also turn out to be jumpers.

Bev's netting solution works fine, but these little girls always want attention, and so we have to sit down and unclip it to get our hands inside to hand-feed them or just hold them.

Holly our greyhound had her first encounter face to face with the ducks today, We put Holly on a leash. We let the ducks run around the lawn, and Holly looked on. We Holly gets excited about chasing squirrels her ears go straight up. When she first saw the ducks her ears went up. She exhibited the shaky jaw syndrome which also comes with chase nostalgia, bua few gentle reminders, and she calmed down. Here is Holly with the ducks back in the house with the brooder for the first time.

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