Saturday, January 20, 2007

Somewhere Else

Avebury - Phil by the Stone
Originally uploaded by philkwyman.
Have you ever just felt like being somewhere else? This shot of me at Avebury reminds of a somehwere else I rather be right now. I don't often feel that way, because I love where I live, but the old denominational group, just sent another lie via snail mail, and I'd rather be somewhere else.

"Why do the wicked prosper?" I ask myself.

Of course, Webb reminded me the other day when we got together, when these things happen I understand why "the heathen rage."

My real reason for making this post was I wanted to get this photo on my profile, but Blogger has this really stupid process to get it from your computer to your profile.

What the heck is up with that!?


Anonymous said...

It's a cool photo Phil. It's a good few years since I last went to Avebury (I think it was for a handhasting). But it is a fantastic place.

My experiences of wanting to be elsewhere are usually less to do with being elsewhere and more to do with being where certain other people are.. generally because I want to be there to support them. I'd quite like to be in Salem right now.

Hugs Bro



Pastor Phil said...


Sittin' with you at Avebury, maybe hopping into the old pub, would be a good place to be anytime.

Anonymous said...

The Red Lion is a good fun place. Jules and I stayed there when we last went.

There has been a little controversy this year with parking restrictions around Avebury. Quite reasonable if you ask me. Avebury village is within the stone circle. Can't be much fun having to fight for parking space in your own village.

It's one of those tricky balancing acts that have to take place with historic sites- between tourism, conservation and, in tha case of Avebury, residential interests.

I wonder what the people who constructed the circle would have made of it all. :)



Marieke said...

*Hugs* from California for ya!

I can totally relate to that feeling, though.

Btw, about the pictures, I don't like the blogger upload, so I just upload mine into my photobucket account and copy/paste the html code.

You can see how it works on my other blog:

Pastor Phil said...

Yeah I did something similar with flickr, but don't know how well I like that either.

Thanks Marieke

Mary-Ann said...

Interesting page.... I just happened to open while searching husband and wife local artists information in the North Weymouth area... Where is Avebury?, sounds like a great place! Mary-Ann

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Mary-Ann,

Avebury is a stone circle with a medieval town in the middle of it. It is about an hour and a half west (and a touch south) of London.

Adam Gonnerman said...

I use photobucket. That's a pretty good pic. Sorry to hear about the lies via e-mail. I've often wished I were elsewhere.

Pastor Phil said...

When someone lies as significantly as we have experienced it has long term ramifications. That's why there are laws about libel, and that's why bearing false witness is part of the Big 10.

Yet it is something we experience as those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Who still has lies told about Him up to this day.