Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rev. Phil Wyman

I don't really like that title - Reverend. I suppose I don't appear terribly reverential to most people. My Father in law met me for the first time when I was first pastoring 20 years ago. After being afraid I would be some weirdo, he relaxed a little and said, "Well your just a regulah guy." I thought that was great compliment, but here I am needing to write the words Rev. Phil Wyman, because I discovered yesterday that people are plugging those words into a Google search to find me. Hi, if you just found me like that, here I am - the Rev. Phil Wyman. Some people call me Pastor Phil. You can call me Phil.


Lily said...

Hi, I just read your article in Next-Wave, and I was fascinated and saddened by your experiences. The one thing that came to where you mention "fellowshipping with darkness", and my immediate thought was "Darkness? They're just people fercryinoutloud."

Anyhow, I was wondering if you could post a summary about your journey since the events you talked about in the Next-Wave article. I'm interested to know how things have turned out after all that.

I'm going to puruse the archives of your blog, but I think that article will generate some traffic from other people who will wonder.


Pastor Phil said...

Hi Lily,

The archives of this particular blog have insights to how we responded to the events which occurred. It is not a blow by blow discussion by any means, but it does outline my theory that abusive Christian leadership helps create stress in the people it abuses, which looks something like mental and emotional disorders. This blog is my humorous attempt at charting that theory.

Thanks so much for checking in, and thanks for the good words.

I also have a number of these same observations, from a different perspective on my other blog - - oh yeah, it's in the column to the right.

Lily said...

You aren't going to make is easy for me? A nice tidy summary? ;-)

Well, I look forward to catching up on the saga. If you suddenly get more hits from Portland, that's me. And I'll check out your other blog. And I might comment on really old stuff, I've been known to do that.

Pastor Phil said...

The tidy summary isn't quite complete yet, we are still becoming.

Currently the church is non-denominational, and I am ordained under Streams Ministries Int'l (John Paul Jackson).

We lost no members through all this, the church was with us all the way. We were slouching toward being Emergent, and instead of emerging we feel like we got shot out of a cannon.

This is the year when we find out if we can survive financially with a building which the denomination which kicked us out of helped put us into for the purpose of reaching more Neo-Pagans.

I know - convoluted. It is a stranger than fiction story, and that's an unbelievably abreviated form.

Adam Gonnerman said...

I only use "Rev." for weddings and official communications/documents. My ordination certificate says "Evangelist," and I go by "Adam." :-)

Pastor Phil said...

Maybe we should just merge our names with Rev,

Revhil (I have to mutate for clashing consonants)

Webb Kline said...

I always thought Rev. stood for reverse. How dumb am I?

I sit in with a great blues band once in a while and they introduce me as "The Reverend Johnny Webster on the Hammond organ!"'s a contextual, missional thing, you wouldn't understand. ;-D

Webb Kline said...

I might add: When I pull all the drawbars out and kick that Leslie cabinet into high speed, and tear that keyboard up, it's the best preachin' I do. :)

Pastor Phil said...

Don't you need to be blind ot be called Reverend when you play the blues?