Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Thoughts on Church Life for 2007

I wrote a response to Bill Dahl's questions about our hopes and fears for the church in 2007. Bill runs a website called "The Porpoise Diving Life." It's a quirky/cool site with lots of deep stuff, and yes that pun about "deep" was intentional, because that's what Bill is about - intentionally punning his way to a deeper life in Christ.

Can you guess what book he's punning on big time with the title of his website?

So anyway - leave my site right now, and go visit his. Do this so you can read my article on his website, and maybe get to know Bill and little too. So here's the article right HERE!

Thanks Bill.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Phil!!! Great article man.


Pastor Phil said...

Thanks Bill,

Love your site, love your stuff, love your mission.

Cindy Harvey said...

Terrific article! Isn't it funny how we demonize those who we were like not long ago? The fact that *I* can talk to non-believers makes me a ledgend in my own mind. I'm so *not* like the close-minded christians wasting away in church-i-ness. *sigh*

I think because we *have* grappled deeply with where we as the Church have gone wrong, it is extremely difficult to be gracious and humble when dealing with those who haven't. I've decided I have a heck of a time with grace when dealing with ANYONE who thinks they've got life figured they christian, feminist, pagan, whatever. Those are the folks I just really can't deal well with.
Jesus seemed to, um, get his buttons pushed by those folks too, then pushed some buttons himself.

The problem with humanity is always our unsatiable need to blame everyone but ourselves for the crap in the world. Trying to gently open others' eyes to this fact will certainly attract all manner of abuse, especially from those we once aligned ourselves with. We humans like the 'us and them' mentality too much to really understand unity.

Webb Kline said...

Phil: [We Christians seldom question to learn from people. Assuming that open listening is the same as being persuaded, we listen only to win our arguments about faith.]

Man, does that say a mountain!

My thing is, how can we really minister to people when we don't listen to what's buggin' them? T

Great article.

Pastor Phil said...


Yeah I'm a legend too. Know what you mean.

Pastor Phil said...


What's buggin' 'em, and what they are passionate about as well. I'm with you.

Agent B said...

Aww man...

I came up with that "porpoise diving" gag as a punchline to my "new bible study on the marine animal's god created".

I should have patended that phrase.