Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh, Mighty Nazarene Atlas!

I read stories of my hero the Nazarene Heretic, and I look for reasons for His behavior. I question why He treated some people more harshly than others, and why He treated some with the gentleness typically shared between lovers.

I have seen Him berate respected religious leaders for lying, stealing, creating followers whose destiny was Hell, and being motivated by Satan himself. Yet He carefully, and lovingly delivered an adulteress from public humiliation, and the threat of the law's punishment. What makes a man behave in such a manner?

The Nazarene saw something we do not, and its weighty concern bore upon him like the mythic Atlas carrying the world upon his shoulders.

Religious men stood between God, and the people God loved. Could it be that we still do this today?

Oh, Mighty Nazarene Atlas! I kneel before Your wisdom, and tremble before Your anger.


Webb Kline said...

Phil, have you ever read The Upside-Down Kingdom by Don Kraybill? I've worn out 7 copies of it teaching and learning from it. He really nails the heretical side of Jesus like few have. It is probably my earliest missional influence and still one which I reference repeatedly. Good stuff for fellow heretics.

Pastor Phil said...

I have not read it, but it sounds like I need to.