Saturday, April 29, 2006

How I Know the Butterfly Effect is Real

I know it sounds like a really weird hypothesis to many people, but I am now convinced the Butterfly Effect is real. The hypothesis has been proven true for me.

Sure it is weird to surmise that flapping from a butterfly's wings in Papua New Guinea can cause a hurricane off the coast of Sierra Leone which will wipe out trailer parks in Florida, but it must be true. I have discovered that simple little decisions from high muckity-muck corporate positions can cause great violence far away in some little city.

Someone probably rolls their eyes, or says something non-intrusive like, "I'm not sure we should do anything about that." Perhaps a VP, or CEO simply signs a paper, or takes one of the good ol' boys' words for granted. But back on the homestead where the decision has its effect, people's lives are turned upside down.

CEO's break a little wind, and it unleashes a big stink thousands of miles away.

I think that God holds those decision makers responsible for the big stink, not the little wind. It sure makes me think differently about how I will approach decisions which effect other people's lives.

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