Sunday, April 30, 2006

Getting the Blog Out

Quickly one discovers the wonderful cathartic power of the blog. Being new to bloggerville, I am only beginning to sense its power. Of course, lawyers realize this power of the keyboard (mightier than the sword), and have created seminar classes on building lawsuits around libel from our blogs.

It is not the fear of lawyers which makes me think what I am now thinking, but the ever present work of the Sneaky Fellow. I can't get rid of Him. He ever intrudes upon my thoughts with His own, and insists on challenging my self-presumed sense of justice. I could blog like a hellhound if it weren't for Him! But he has snuck into my thoughts with His gentle proddings once again, and made His thoughts sound like my own.

Am I blogging for freedom's sake, or do I really just wanna kick some butt? Am I blogging to express lessons learned in hardship, or to simply work toward a book deal out of what could someday be a fantastic story?

I guess I need to ask the question: Do I need to get the blog out? or do I need to get the blog out of my own eye?

My guess is that this is not an either/or situation. The answer is yes to both sides of the question.


Agent B said...

I refused to take blogging seriously when I first joined in (Aug 05).

Although I set boundaries, goals, and guidelines before I started (I might have strayed from them since), I didn't expect it to last over a month.

Well, here I am 8 months later. What have I gained?

Friends? yes
Great dialogue? oh yeah
A sense of purpose and identity? pathetically yes
More employable? hell no

Welcome to the blogosuniverse

Pastor Phil said...

Boundaries? goals? guidelines?

Darn. I'll have to remove you from the Bloglodytes I Likes, and create a new list of the Doctors of Blog.

I feel so pitiful, and meaningless now. Here I thought I was just blabbing to get it off my chest, and now you tell me I need a professional blog advisor.

Woe is me, I am a man of unclean fingertips.


Mom Anne said...

Did you see the Full Moon over Salem, MA tonight? It was one of those "Be-Witching" Full Havest low
on the horizon kind...just perfect for Salem, MA!