Monday, April 24, 2006

Deconstructing My Own Name

Well this is the beginning. Or the end. Or maybe the beginning of the end. Or maybe even the end of the beginning. What I really mean is that I have no idea what comes next.

21 years is a long time to serve one denomination as a pastor, and now the church I pastor, and myself are moving on to another pasture to graze in.

The beginning of my blogging is the end of something, and hopefully the beginning of something else. So it's time to break my system of thoughts into it's lowest common denominator and see what's most important. I've spent quite a few years deconstructing church life in hopes of discovering what was critical, and what was just something I did because everyone else did it too. Now it's time to deconstruct my name.

Some people say that Wyman comes from the River Wye in Wales, and the original Wyman lived by the River Wye, and ferried people across the river. I walked Afon Gwy (River Wye in Welsh) from Rhayader to Chepstow Castle with my wife Bev in 2002. Well okay, we cheated and took a bus the last few miles from Tintern Abbey to Chepstow, and we didn't start in the mountains at Plynlimon, but started at Rhayader instead. We also paddled in a canoe for two days, and nearly got beat up by some nasty swans, but we did walk a good 10-20 miles a day for two weeks, and I had cuts from blackberry bushes, and burning welts from stinging nettles to prove it.
  • See Wye Valley Walk Here

  • I've never felt so much at home as I do in Wales, except perhaps when I drive across the city limit sign in my little city of Salem, Massachusetts.

    But now I need to consider my name once again. Who am I attached to? and what do I stand for?

    As a serial deconstructionist I suppose taking myself apart is the natural conclusion to any season of change. So that's why little Mr. Wyman is The Why Man. "What is man that thou art mindful of him?"? I ask again.

    One thing I do know - Christ and Him crucified. Other than that I think I will change my name to Jake - Lame Jake. I figure I've still got some wrestling to do with God, and I am sure that I will end up limping when the match is over.


    Eva said...

    Welcome to Blogspot Phil. Glad to see you're doing this, it can be really helpful in maintaining your sanity. :)

    Pastor Phil said...

    Sanity? What sanity? I am trying to maintain a moderate level of insanity, sustainable only by writing about how weird I am, thereby encouraging myself to keep at it. It's a bit like golfing in a thunderstorm.

    rennie said...

    phil, you're doing a fine job of maintaining your insanity that's why i keep following your else can we get through all of this craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pastor Phil said...

    Well, that explains things! We're all crazy!

    g13 said...

    welcome to the blogosphere pastor phil. i'm excited to start yet another adventure with you.

    Fran said...

    Phil, it's good to know that I'm not the only who's crazy. In the world of being a musician things can get pretty stressful/crazy.
    I read your blog and signed up myself so I can have a place to rant. ;)_

    Pastor Phil said...

    Hey Gent, thanks for being there.

    Fran! Good to hear from you. How's the LA guitarman scene going?