Monday, November 17, 2008

Writer's Block and Tiredness

So, do I have writer's block, because I am so busy, and often tired, or do I have writer's block, because I am now over 50, and getting dumber?


evan said...

yes. no. :)

Arnold said...

Haha...everyone gets writer's block at some time. Why don't you take some Foculate. I think you can get at My friend is a 43 year old blogger with a full time job and he takes it for "mental clarity". Said it helps wake his mind up without making him jittery and helps him get in that creative state of mind.

Either that or try mass amounts of coffee and snap out of it! haha

Pastor Phil said...

Evan - thanks bro.

Arnold - Dw i'n casai coffi.

cern said...

Busy and tired I'd say. Getting dumber..... Nope, not possible when you walk the path of the fool (Tarot... and yes that can be done as a Christian... consider the book 'Beyond Prediction' by John W. Drane, Ross Clifford, and Philip Johnson)Another consideration is that walking the edge is VERY taxing. Everyone wants to have a pop and diplomacy and looking for ways to love someone who is attacking can be a drain on energy. Also, you've just spent a month of Salem madness. How can you NOT be tired.

Linking in with your next blog title... taking time to read and dwell in that quiet still place inside that provides the balanced spiritual person with the capacity to continue is a good remedy.

We can sustain our giving only if we also take the time to give to ourselves a little. I'm reminded of a thread on John Smulo's blog about expectations and Pastors (or why so many Pastors burn out)

Take it easy on yourself Bro. Hugs



Pastor Phil said...

Yo Mike Bro,

You are a prince among men. Thanks.

cern said...

Right back atcha bro. :D



Jeremiah said...

Each year I grow older I learn both the value of the wisom of age and also how unwise I am...