Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why I Voted for McCain

I really leaned toward writing in Ben Stein, but decided that I would vote McCain at the end. What I saw in his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, and what I saw last night in the concession speech make me realize that I made the right vote. These are the things I expect in politics:


Adam Shields said...

I voted for Obama, but thought the McCain speech was one of the best things I saw this election season. That is what I hoped for in a Obama/McCain match up.

Pastor Phil said...

Here's hoping that all will be as gracious as you in the aftermath of what has been an unbelievably ungracious season in politics. Unfortunately what we both hoped for came a day too late.

carl said...

I also was leaning towards not voting for any of the presidential candidates (though if anyone, McCain). When I was in the voting line for a half an hour that was my decision. But after having to listen to a group of loud and obnoxious democrats behind me complain about everything republican (and everything else for that matter) I decided I would vote for McCain.

I was probably just being reactionary but like you I'm glad I did give him my vote for the same reasons.

on a sidenote I am hopeful now that Obama will be president. He is my favorite democrat.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Carl,

Nice to see that someone feels like I do, but even nicer to see that you graciously responded to the vote that was not your own. McCain gave us a great model to live by.

IZenBet said...

y'know i voted for Ben Stein, cause it speaks volumes against for poli docs movie month...january? must inclued Expelled!

Jeremiah said...

We'll there goes our tax-exepmt status... =p

McCain's concession speech was one of the greatest ever - it far outpaced Obama's acceptance speech.

And, not the Obama is not a hero, but it was McCain the hero who was off to Pakistan to try to avert "nuclear war" between India and Pakistan in light of the recent shootings.

Since I am not a member of congress and do not have to reveal my vote, it will remain to most, for now, safely anonymous. Regardless, even if Obama makes good decisions, and things go south, he'll be facing Romney-Palin in 2012 with monday-morning-quarterbacking and 20-20 hindsight on their side.