Monday, November 03, 2008

Boston Legal, Calling People Stupid and The Sickness of Politics in America

I just finished watching Boston Legal. It was not simply television entertainment, but a horrendously biased commercial for Barrack Obama. This is the second experience in the last few days, which has disgusted me about politics, and the human heart.

A couple days ago, I had a discussion with a man who is intelligent, works with people in government positions, and was born in the Netherlands. He said that he can not believe how stupid Americans are. This was based upon Americans choosing Republicans in their electoral choices.

Should Boston Legal be forced to charge Barrack Obama tens of millions of dollars for the commercial time they gave to him?

Should every person who continues to use the tired old argumentum ad hominem of stupidity as the only reason one would vote Republican be called on the carpet for being stupid enough to use that argument? (Republicans occasionally use that argument, but it is normally the Democrats who use it, and it is unfortunately all too common to hear in the Boston area.)

I am sure that politics are sick in every country, but it has reached unbelievable proportions, and this has been the worst Presidential election for people being divided and cruel I have seen in my voting days, which began in 1976.

Both parties declare themselves to be the agents of change. They have both proven that they do not have what it takes to change the politics of the age, because neither of them have run a different kind of campaign. Positive change still seems a long ways off to me.


Anonymous said...

Lighten up, old man. It's only a TV show (and one you like enough to watch, evidently). The writers and producers can voice whatever opinion they like and I, for one, am glad they did.

As far as American's being dumb, well, I'd say we're pretty - uh - dumb. Maybe your friend from the Netherlands can fill you in better than I.

Anonymous said...


Like you I watched Boston Legal. An entertaining show despite its political bias. My first reaction was similar to yours, but then I thought I'm not a dumb American whose vote is decided by the last TV show I watch before I step into the voting booth. I'm secure in my values and beliefs. As for the man from the Netherlands, I believe his opinion is that of a vocal international minority -- those who are jealous of the U.S.A because we are different and because we, like the Russians, Chinese, Brits and others influence what happens in the world. I believe it is easy for people to have contempt for leaders, whether it be our country, our president or anyone else who impacts our quality of life. Hang in there Phil. In 4 years there will yet again be a call for CHANGE

Pastor Phil said...


Anonymous posts from both directions. I am neither in need of lightening up, nor needing hope at this point. I simply am making what are obvious observations about the political landscape out there. This has been one of the most divisive seasons of politics I have witnessed, and both sides are at fault, and we have simply joined their talking points.

Anon #1 - you simply prove my point by your reply - you have called the average American stupid, and I take offense for them. Democracy in the truest sense believes better.

Anon #2 - I am secure also in my choices, but when people use the stupid argument long enough, others come to the belief that it must be true. One of the great methods of perpetuating a falsehood is to use it often enough that it becomes truth to people simply because it is regularly said. Many people feel the peer pressure of this sick tactic. It is a prejudice of the grossest kind.

anon #2 said...


In response to your comment
1. Looking back on my comment (anon #2) I did not intend to call Americans whose politics are influenced by entertainment shows dumb. My use was in reference to anon #1 which I do take offense too.
2. Whether you need cheering up or not was not the purpose of my post. It was to acknowledge that in 4 years it is very possible people again will want a change and we will replay the same ugly politics.
3. My post, was simply to acknowledge your observation about Boston Legal. I rarely post my opinon on blogs. But, I was so astonished by the blatant partisanship of the Boston Legal episode that I searched Google to see if others felt the same way. This is how I found your blog.
4. I voted for McCain but Obama is my president too and I have a vested interest in him succeeding.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Anon #2,

I appreciated your first post and thought you did articulate what you meant quite well.

If I had found the reverse to be true about a TV show I was watching I would have been equally as troubled, but there are no TV shows about Topeka Legal, or CSI Salt Lake City.

I too voted for McCain, but that was not even what I wanted. Barr might have been a better choice for me personally, but Ben Stein is who I really wanted. ;-)

Thanks for popping in here.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Once again Boston Legal throws its full weight behind Team Obama. If Obama enforces the fairness doctrine, will shows like Boston Legal, which I know is in its last season, be affected? I certainly think so.


Pastor Phil said...


I guess it's the last dying gasps of a show hoping for a government bailout plan.

Jeremiah said...

Boston Legal, though it's season finalie was very outspoken with regard to same-sex marriage and china, had nothing on saturday night live and their two-hour special ;-) . However, SNL will never have it's tax-exempt status revoked... =p

Spider said...

Hey buddy ! this is drama and the producer and director make every drama for only public entertainment. So there may be sometimes extra ordinary things which we cannot think. If they have shown such type of scenes then i think its okay. Dont think more and enjoy the episodes of Boston Legal tv show.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Spider,

You don't get paid by Boston Legal do you? I actually don't like the show that much, and consequently will not be spending time enjoying it - oh well.

Thanks for popping in.

charley said...

Boston Legal TV Show is really an excellent series. This series has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards right from its first season. And I love to watch this show online. Thanks for the post.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Charlie,

I'm not sure you actually read the post, but that's okay. Thnnks for visiting The Why Man.

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