Thursday, June 26, 2008

Loving Living in Salem

Many of my friends are Witches and Pagans of various types. Tonight some of them gathered for a Pagan Pub Crawl here in Salem.

There were a few new faces, and a few people I have met before but have not gotten to know well. I spent time talking with a Witch who for years practiced being both a Witch and a Christian (first Fundamentalist Baptist, then Greek Orthodox), but gave up trying to be Christian, because "it didn't work." Another woman told of receiving a letter from her sister in law filled with clippings from Chick Tracts. Then I met the owner of the new tattoo parlor here in Salem. The parlor owner was not a Pagan, but perhaps a Buddhist, or maybe a Thelemite. There were discussions of life and death rituals in ancient religious cultures, and discussions about the variety of experiences which Pagans have had with other Christians.

All in all it was a good night with friends who are far different than myself, and who walk in a world not my own. At one point someone mentioned Amsterdam, and suggested that although he loved the city, it probably would not be a city I would feel comfortable living in. I suggested that might be the very reason I would like it all the more. I do believe it is true that I would be quite bored in an environment in which everyone was just like me. After all - I do live in Salem, and I love it.


Adam Gonnerman said...

Chick Tracts are bad enough, but CLIPPINGS from Chick Tracts?

seithman said...

Oh I don't know, Adam. I personally find Chick Tracts somewhat entertaining. Of course, it probably makes a different that I go to the Chick Publications site and read them there rather than receiving them from "well meaning" friends....;)

This sounds like quite a nice event, Phil.

-- Jarred.

grace said...

Have had to look up what chick tracts actually are!

Intrigued by suddenly finding your blog...

Bruce said...

There are several parts of my living faith that came to good shape through Chick Tracks--including the phrase, "Hey, did you ever hear about the time God was killed by a man?" and a plan for daily Bible reading. Not to mention the idea that to every one of us, there is a judgment to come. I think that for just MENTIONING judgment, Chick Tracks take a hit. Even if they weren't over the top sometimes, which they are. I think the parts I liked were real close in spirit to C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters: cautionary but not nasty.