Sunday, June 01, 2008

Late Night with Jamiacan Special and Thinking About Stuff

So tonight was a generally good night at The Vault. I came home following our 6pm service, and decided I wanted to smoke a big ol' fatty Jamaican Special cigar. Not really being a smoker I have them for our guys cigar smoking group, which I jokingly refer to as "Padron Me." Stupid Christian humor I suppose, and maybe a pun most people won't get.

So I laid under the stars on this first 70ยบ night in Salem this year. I contemplated the peacefulness of God as I gazed on the stars through the branches of the silver maple tree in our yard, and periodically had to get up to take care of Forrest our three legged greyhound.

Tomorrow at 5am (only 5 hours from now) I will rise to go work at Starhouse. Within the next couple weeks I will transition from this morning job to a position as a liaison to DSS - I think.

I am hoping to get back to writing regularly again.


Adam Gonnerman said...

Nope, didn't get the pun.

The Starhouse website doesn't say much, for all the pages and words. I'm supposing it's a foster care sort of home. It makes me sad to think about children going through crap and ending up there, even though I know they are being taken care of now. Children need the love and security of their family.

I'm glad for your work there and that you are apparently managing to do the bi-vocational thing. It is a struggle for me and always has been, and after several years doing it I don't find it much easier. Work, family, much to do and so little time.

Agent B said...

Well, I'm for sure looking forward to more writing. I've noticed you've fallen off the blog-o-earth

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Adam,

Padron is a famous cigar maker, and it quite looks like Pardon.

Struggle indeed bro - but that's life and adventure isn't it?

Pastor Phil said...

Yo B!

I've been on a walkabout I suppose.

Tor Hershman said...

Our (Woodites -
) most supernal Saint Bela (Lugosi) really dug cigars
and our beloved Pope of Woodism digs makin' smoke too.

Stay on groovin' safari,