Friday, April 09, 2010

Poem: The Woes of the Ornamental Sword


The Woes of the Ornamental Sword

standing sword, in the corner
unsharpened, tarnished blade pointing downward

too dangerous for play
too benign for war

standing sword, in the corner
casts its thin shadow toward the coward

too alike are they
too hopeful for more

standing sword, in the corner
a naked, unsheathed blade facing forward

too violent to pray
too far from the door


Jeremiah said...

"I see you have fashioned your own lightsaber. Your training is complete..."

Like Luke, you have "turned yourself in" to the enemy and entrusted yourself to the mercy of God (who, thankfully, is not Emperor Palpatine, though it very well seems like it a times). It will be remarkable how your consistent commitment to the empowering of all to their fullest through love will overcome the "dark side" of many and bring many to recreation and the shalom salvation of redemption and blessing.

All Luke did was adhere to the law of love. His lightsaber may have severed his fathers arm, but those were the arms who cast Palapatine to his first death. You sword, seeming ignoble, represents that the deadliest blade, hidden in the guise of humbleness, is the most deadly at accomplishing victory for the kingdom.

Pastor Phil said...

Nice...poetry from the Force.

IZenBet said...

does seem another lifetime for the sword since it was awarded, another spiritual life it has taken on as more useless than useful,and yet in the right hands it would look great for play acting! and i think someday i would like to pray with a sword, but not in battle...bravo for executing poetry

Pastor Phil said...

The sword shall have its day I am sure.