Friday, April 09, 2010

Poem: embracing the hangman

embracing the hangman

for aching joints, and scratchy skin
I know I am alive
for clutching chest, and labored breath
I know I am alive
for downcast eyes, and heavy heart
I know I am alive
for troubled mind, and wanting words
I know I am alive

in pain and not in pleasure, in sorrow not in jest
in loss and not in treasure, in tossings not in rest

these muted tones of struggle from graying days of rain
the lonely rooms of silence with clicking clocks as friends

send me to the hangman - a full embrace I give
that which is killing me is teaching me to live

Have you ever found it necessary to embrace your pain in order to keep your sanity?


Before Girl said...

Working thru this very thing now. I really needed to see this poem today. Thanks.

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks Before Girl,

Both writing and reading about it can be therapeutic. It certainly has been for me.

Jeremiah said...

Is someone who has been stripped of everything except the hope of maybe one day being able to hope again truly on the path of the might men? I think those superheros of the OT - who probably displayed superhero-type powers - were such men - stripped of all save "though he slay me, still will I serve him."

Elisabeth (Gren) Eliot once said we have to die many deaths each day. It is crushing that when we came to Christ, for many, that was not the most painful death of our life. Yet even Paul in Romans today reminded me that other deaths, even against our wishes, in our serving Christ can one day empower us - perhaps in different dynamics - as the twelve and the three.

Pastor Phil said...

I settle for becoming a regular guy, a mighty man is a nice picture though.

I wonder if Paul ever got tired of dying?

Nice words - thanks Mike.

Jeremiah said...

Agreed (regular man). I wish I would drive more towards the obscurity I am enjoying.

I guess my point along these lines these days is that - in god's economy - we are all mighty "men" and the most innocuous, quiet servant can deliver the "hangman" one of many death blows, slipping "under the radar..."

(hmmm... reminds me of an album title I read once...)

Pastor Phil said...

"drive toward obscurity" nice thought. although I think I am slouching toward it.

cern said...

In answer to your question, yes, embracing pain has been a valuable resource in retaining sanity. Just making lemonade. :)