Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes on Betrayal

Over the course of the last couple years, I have experienced a high degree of betrayal from the hands of church leaders who have lied and/or gone along with the lies. Coming out on the other side has been both difficult, and liberating.

I am not sure that all levels of betrayal have that same redemptive dynamic. I have experienced a new level of betrayal from someone who is supposed to be a friend recently, and wonder, "Is it possible to come through these things, and find a silver lining in the dark cloud."

Beyond this life - I suppose. In this life, I am still convinced as I have been for quite some time, that not all things make sense. Betrayal does not make sense, and I am sure that is part of the dynamic of redemption - not to make sense out of the senseless, but to save us from it.


Bruce said...

I'm sorry to hear about this turn of events.
I'll continue to be praying, supporting you in all things in prayer.

cern said...

Sounds most unpleasant bro. :( Betrayal is one of those things... hard as we try to rationalise it- something must have led to them behaving in an uncharacteristic way, I should express concern for my friend who felt unable to come to me with whatever led them to betrayal.... no matter how hard we try to work through that process it still hurts.

Finding a silver lining.... examining our own responses to that betrayal and looking for ways to turn those responses into something positive. We can't control others (and I'm not sure that is really desirable anyway). But we can learn something new about ourselves, how we respond to different situations, and reflect on ways of growing through that experience.

Hoping you find a silver lining.



Sandi said...


I don't know any words to lessen your pain. I only pray that Spirit of the Living god comfort you and your family as They had promised that They would.

Thank you for sharing.

Beverly Flanagan said...

So sorry--- unfortunately, more often than not, the worst betrayals have come from "the church". Think Joan of Arc for instance, she was condemned by the church as a witch & burned alive, then a hundred years later they sainted her. Over and over again this has happened. Some of my worst betrayals--- and heartbreaks--- have come from folks in the church. I guess we're in good company--- Jesus Himself was betrayed by a friend, in "the church"!

Pastor Phil said...

Thank you all for your comments of support. This will be a difficult journey out.

evan said...


I can't say it much better than cern did. I'm praying for some form of redemption in the situation you're facing. Sorry to hear about it.


Joy said...

Betrayal stinks any way you slice it!! Be very kind to yourself as you work thru this, Phil. Wherever this came from it's a massive attempt to derail you. May you find Peace in the midst of your storm, brother. We love you!! J & P

Espen said...

Sorry to hear that. For me reading the Shack helped me put evil in perspective. It is (of course) not something that God wants us to live, but he can and want to do wonderful good things out of anything that happens to us. The best example being the cross.

I pray that this will be an occasion for God to bless you and make you more like him.