Friday, November 20, 2009

Galileo's Middle Finger

After more than a hundred years missing Galileo's tooth and finger have been returned to the public. Here's a picture of his middle finger.

That's right after all these centuries Galileo is still giving us the middle finger. I want scientists to cut off my middle finger when I die.

Here's the story


cern said...

Fantastic! :D



Pastor Phil said...

Yep, and I identify right now.

Stephen said...

Why are those who dare to see what is there to see, shunned by holding onto a continuation of dogma and myth - when the history of of this wonderful planet may be found under our very feet and high amongst the ancient light of those distant stars, so many, many light years away. The "emerging" church it would appear finds that it will need "to adapt to survive" - now where have I heard that phrase before? From Copernicus to Darwin we seem to struggle needlessly when in my view, God may be found to be much, much more than we have ever possibly imagined. So well done Galileo, your middle finger helps to point the way.

And that contention over the Hebrew word "bara" apparently found in Genesis 1:1 could well be interpreted in a mutually inclusive way as meaning “to create” and to “spatially separate.” as the heavenly bodies formed while continuing to move rapidly away from each other following that theoretical "Big Bang"?

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Stephen,

Thanks for posting, as always, intelligently.

Stephen said...

Smashing News:

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

And just an interesting quote, "There are about a million stars for every grain of sand on the earth", from the BBC, Explorers of the Universe