Saturday, January 19, 2008

HERETIC OR HEALER? - I sure hope Spencer Burke is correct

So, I never really finished the book by Spencer Burke called "The Heretics Guide to Eternity," but I guess it's time. The Salem Gazette came out with bold creepy looking letters in extra large font on the front page yesterday asking people to consider whether I was a "HERETIC OR HEALER". They posted the question above this nice, but dark mysterious photo.
Of course, I am being contrasted with one of the Halloween sign wielding, bullhorn preachers from Repent America, but it still is a little a strange to be placed in the heretic category by people who do not know what I believe, or whose doctrine is further from historic orthodoxy than my own.

So what's a guy to do. Turn the page and read the whole article I guess, then look at the milder photos. Actually they are all great photos - good job David!
I guess I'll finish reading Spencer's book, and see how to get to heaven. All tnhis because I have friends who are Witches.


Adam Gonnerman said...

I liked the second picture, the one of you and the cross. That's from inside The Gathering's worship space, right? I'd like to make it up your way sometime (maybe when it's warmer!).

Pastor Phil said...

Yeah, both photos are from inside The Vault. There was a third in the newspaper as well. It had me in front of the Vault doors.

Well, I am down in Asheville, NC right now, and its about 20ยบ here. What? You want to avoid the below zero windchill?

Matt Stone said...

I thought the dark mysterious photo looked rather cool.

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks bro,

I'm feeling the cool factor rising in me. ;-)