Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a Few Shots of Summeryard

I like how our yard is turning out. I enjoy the radical changes of the seasons which occur here in Salem, Massachusetts. As a California boy, the seasons I knew were earthquake, fire, flood and riot. Now I actually experience Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and I love them. So here are a few summer shots from our yard:


hylander said...

Those rasberries look delicious!
I bought some at Henry's a while back, not quite as big as the one your mrs. are holding, but they were still good! I even baked a cobbler with 'em. Now I'm starting to get hungry for rasberry pie :P

But, I know what ya mean about experiencing all the seasons. California doesn't quite capture the essense of what you do. Must be an absolute blessing!

Agent B said...

California seasons. That's a good one. I was born during riot.

Nice pics. I need to post some garden pics. The rain in WTX was incredible this year.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Hylando,

Raspberries from one's own bushes just rock. When we were living in Oceanside I was able to grow raspberries among our bamboo for a few seasons, and the bamboo acted like stakes for the raspberry vines. As the nature of bamboo is, eventually the bamboo acted like a corporate takeover, and squeezed out the raspberries, but it sure was a cool combo for a few seasons.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey B,

I like your garden pics - waiting to see 'em.

cerndeosil said...

Cool photos. Our garden has become a jungle this year what with me being out of action for a large period of time. Hopefully we'll have reclaimed a lot of it by the time you get here. But we still managed to get lots of raspberries. :)

Bev looks great in the bowl of raspberries photo. :)


Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

She's defninitely the better half.

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Pastor,
I came here because I love most of your explanations on Word Imperfect. Isn't that a marvellous site. I am now thoroughly addicted.

We used to have raspberries growing in our garden. They were wild. The birds used to spread the seeds about after they had eaten them. You don't need me to tell you how.

I like all the things you say on your profile. Personally I am a devoted Catholic with strong Buddhist leanings. This is ok with my priest. Have you ever read any books by Anthony de Mello?


Pastor Phil said...

Hey Llama dude,

No I haven't read de Mello, but know that I need to sometime soon.

During the Fall we have a rain of red from the sky for a few days. I know what you mean.