Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogging - Because I Feel Like it

This is a sign of blog addiction, or perhaps the need to have someone listen to me, or maybe it is a subconscious flight from the introspection of lying in bed and staring at the darkened ceiling. Maybe I am writing out of a passion for writing, or simply because I'm bored, but I really don't get bored too often.

The need to have someone listen to me might have some merit. Feeling like the last couple years have been so rough, I sometimes find myself sharing our story, or at least a little bit of it with people I am acquainted with. I wonder if I sound like a broken record, or if I have that "suck the life out you" power going on? I sure hope not.

Maybe I am writing right now because I checked out the blogger choice awards, and wondered how the leading religious blog got almost 1.2 million hits since April 2005. Heck it's just some guy from San Diego, and I came from the San Diego area. Then there was the lady who lives in Utah who says she supports her family off her blog, and I wonder if she's just kidding, but maybe not because she got voted #2 all time best blog.

Maybe I'm writing because I ran into an old friend with whom I had an extremely difficult church discipline situation with a few years ago, and I really like this guy, and wish I had not had to be the person in the middle of life's mess at the time, but, dang, sometimes life doesn't give us that option. And this idea has merit too, because seeing him was a really good thing, but with the singed edges of narrow escape still visible.

Anyway I am rambling, and not saying much, and maybe that's because this is all blogging really is anyway. Who knows.


carl said...

I'd rather read your blog than those ones.

Marieke said...


Pastor Phil said...

Carl and Marieke,

You are too cool. I like your blogs better than those famous ones too.

Webb Kline said...

I just don't have time to blog lately, so next to typing out what the little voices in my head are telling me to say, reading your blog is one of my favs--and I don't have time to read very many of them. ;)

the letter count on your word verification thingie is going over the top though. Sheesh, I mean this one has 8 characters in it. I don't even know many words with that many letters. :~{

Pastor Phil said...


Thanks bro. Yeah I should post about the letter count on the verification as a silly thing about blogger.

Anonymous said...

You know I've seen blogs used for all kinds of things. Sometimes they are left to lie dormant for months on end until the blogger feels they have something profound to say. Those blogs are interesting.... but because they're not very active they're easy to forget to check. Sometimes they are used to record what appears to be stream of consciousness stuff... that can be interesting if you're looking into someones psyche to see how they tick. But after a while it can get a bit dull. Sometimes they are used to share experiences of life... where the person is going and what their thinking is... all the while inviting others to share their thoughts on the matter. Those are the blogs I most like to read. There are times when those blogs lack the really deep and profound posts of the first group. But I keep reading because there is enough interest and activity to keep me ....interested, and there's the knowledge that one of those deeply profound posts is just around the corner.

Your blog has the honesty of the steram of consciousness blogs, enough of the profundity of the second and a kind of gutsiness in the sharing of the journey you're taking through lifes experiences that mean that it's always worth reading. :)



Pastor Phil said...


Your just prejudiced. ;-)

Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

'Your just prejudiced.'

Sometimes prejudice can be a good thing. :D



Kay said...

The blogs I love to read and tend to stick with are those where the blog author is involved in the conversation that his or her post hopefully created.

I blog for conversation. I blog for friendship. The cool stuff I learn is an awesome side benefit.

And I too would much rather read your blog that the two you listed. :)