Thursday, May 31, 2007

Six Days to Go - Is this Good? or Something Other?

My son Elijah is having a kidney transplant in six days. People say things like, "That's great!" and then ask, "Are you excited?"

How on earth am I supposed to answer that question? I have been responding like a deer in the headlights. I blink a couple times, and then stare blankly.

It is a very good thing that a friend of his is willing to be a kidney donor. It will be better for Elijah after the transplant than it is now - by far. Is it good that he is even in this position? - heck no. Somehow I can't make a tantalizing meal out of this bitter season of life. Maybe down the road I'll be able to see this kidney disease in a different light. For now I blink, and then stare blankly.


Adam Gonnerman said...

What an odd way for people to react. Then again, I've noticed that people often tend to celebrate when word comes that an organ is available. I'll be praying. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Odd indeed. If all goes well then there will be a time for celebration. Elijahs friend is way cool whatever. But it is not good that Elijah needs a new kidney.. so the deer in the headlights effect is quite understandable when people ask if you're excited. I suppose they just say something for want of something to say and don't quite think through what it is they're actually saying. That they WANT to say something is kinda nice in that they're obviously thinking about you all and are aware that Elijah potentially regaining his health is a very important time in your lives. So I suppose you can take solace in the positive intentions behind their fumbled comments.

Me, I just want Elijah to be healthy again and for you all to be free of worry about Elijahs failing health because he's well again. So I won't ask if you're excited, nervous, anxious or anything else because I imagine it is impossible to come up with a pithy summary of your emotional state as you all work through this. I will simply hold you al very tenderly and lovingly in my thoughts. You know I love you folks and would do anything I could to make the whole thing more bearable.

Hugs and love


Pastor Phil said...

Adam and Mike,

Thanks bros. This has been the scarriest time of my life.

Anonymous said...

I really don't doubt that at all. That flipping pond is in the way again. I'm holding you all in a big bear-hug.

Love Mike