Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When Job Becomes Our Hero

After a few years of dramatically difficult events one can only wonder if a Jobian season is occuring. I do not want to live Job's life out, but he is nonetheless a hero of the faith beyond which I can comprehend modeling. Yet it is my hope in all our struggles to do so.


mike said...

my favorite part of job, and there is a lot to like - i mean god (or god through satin) brings all kinds of suffering down on this guy. which puts a twist in our panties about the nature of gods governance of the universe. but anyway.

what i like is that his friends give him all kinds of advice - all of it "biblical" if you will - and in the end god tells them to shut the F up and tells job he should pray for them.

love it.

cerndeosil said...

At some point I might have to actually read Job. :)



Jamie said...

Job may well be (at least at this point in my life) my favorite book of the bible. It speaks to human nature, God's nature, our response to much.

What IS that picture you've posted? I love it.

Pastor Phil said...


Me too. I love the end of the story as well. Everybody is wrong, but the friends sitting in judgment are wronger. (Wronger seemed like an appropriate un-word.)

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Cerny,

I think you'll love the book.

Pastor Phil said...


The picture is called Job's Comforters, and I found it on some Chinese site.

Adam Gonnerman said...


In 2005 and part of 2006 I felt VERY MUCH like I was sitting spiritually on an ash heap, scraping my wounds with a potsherd. Honestly, it probably took years off my life. Lord, if it's a season, let it only come once in a lifetime!

In my Bible reading I'm supposed to be reading Job now, but haven't started it yet. Bad me.

Pastor Phil said...

I wonder how long it lasted for Job. When we read the story it appears to be a few weeks long, but we know it had to last longer. Say maybe a few years before everything began to come around fully? My experience says a few years might be needed.