Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today is My Anniversary!

I was married to Bev, April 2nd, 1983. So that's not the day I'm talking about. My birthday isn't for another month. So, that's not the day either.

Some dates are impressed upon one's brain indelibly. Those dates are either wonderful, or terrible. Sometimes we may need to refer to that date in documents so frequently, that it becomes etched upon the gray matter. October 12th was both terrible, and in need of being referred to in documents for months following.

This blog had its inception because of the events of October 12th, 2005.

Today I mentioned to someone that this was the anniversary day of the letter I received calling me to a hearing which eventually removed me from fellowship in a denomination over false, and exaggerated charges. The letter was a surprise, and was not sent to me alone, but to many others simultaneously, and without warning, or prior questioning. So, this day lives in personal infamy.

She said, "Oh Wow, the Anniversary. My sympathies."

I responded, "Sympathies or congratulations - we are still trying to decide which."

I'm not sure if that response was funny, or sad, or both. I wonder if there is something wrong with not knowing if something is funny, or sad? Is that some sign of arrested emotional development?


Anonymous said...

wow. I thought I was the only one to note such anniversaries.

...coming upon 4 years of freedom dec 23...

james said...

Bunch of punks they are...

proud to be serving beside you brother.