Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Talk Time

Me think me should bring peace pipe.

Tonight we will sit down with someone, and talk about our story. It may turn out to be an important discussion for us. Bev and I, and then later Jeff and Diane (we're the troop which sat before the District Council last year - actually tomorrow it will be exactly one year) will discuss our story.

Hopefully this will be like sending a smoke signal, rather than us just blowing a lot of smoke. I'd prefer to communicate to people at a far distance, rather than sit and spew the remnants of our confusion. So a peace pipe might be in order.

The gentle communication of reconciliation had been our method throughout, and we expected other Christians Leaders to do the same. Apparently not all Christian Leaders act like Christians. Truth has been our goal, and apparently that too is a commodity of rare value in some Christian Leadership circles.

Well perhaps our goal will be realized soon, and truth will puff across the skies like the smoke signal on a distant hill.

A couple weeks ago four of us sat in my office, and considered tonight's discussion. The opinions differed on what to do until our buddy Jeff Gentry from Sinners and Saints made the comment, "The church has nothing to lose from the truth."

Me break out peace pipe and puff big tonight.


g13 said...

i stole that line from puff daddy.

i hope the conversation goes well.

Anonymous said...

I read your scoop in the Salem News. Right on.

Now I have a better grasp on what you're doing and where you came from. We are definately kindred spirits (something like that).