Monday, August 01, 2011

The Cash Poem, (a purposely mediocre work) by Phil Wyman

The Cash Poem, (a purposely mediocre work) by Phil Wyman

I received a letter in the mail
called a risk alert
Don't dash to read a poem it said
or with the law you'll flirt

Please note the date of copyright
and the name upon
a poem of inspiration about
loved ones come and gone

It will cost you lots of cash
helping those who hurt
about $250 bucks
for copyrighted works

For it is the cash that matters
and the things that we can buy
at least this is so for the poet
though not for you and I

So before you copy a poem
to comfort a forlorn friend
consider the risk of a lawyers' notice
of copyright infringement

Now, take it slow and consider
writing your own poem
it may take time but it is worth
not being sued for your home

So be less swift to copy
and show a little brains
in the face of people who will write
dear, sweet things for gains

If you don't then you will learn
respect for lawyers and courts
especially when you find your cash
goes flying out the doors

Avoid an edict being read
at the courts and dash
right back home and write your poem
and save yourself some cash

addendum to my work of Parody

Now my little mediocre poem
is free for you to share
I wrote it in 25 minutes
no cash - cause I don't care

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