Friday, April 15, 2011

Palm Sunday Prayer

Palm Sunday thoughts: identifying with the season of bright sadness

Today we come with Jesus
into the gates of Jerusalem
we hear the lifted praises
and the voices of the mob
but in the pattern of their praise
we hear their turning camouflaged
beneath the joyous cries
those who praise the loudest
will next week shout "crucify!"

i, among the frenzied crowd
take my place to find
that i have shouted both in praise
and in betraying jeers
and i as well have sat upon
the ass trudging into town
the bright sadness lies before us
as fandom becomes betrayal
and betrayal turns to love

1 comment:

Dave Gerard said...

'the bright sadness" is too sublime a phrase not to be turned into a song...I might try my turn at it.