Saturday, February 27, 2010

Airplane Poetry - The Waning Gibbous Moon

The following poem was written on the airplane from London to Boston last night.  As you will notice from above I spelled Gibbous incorrectly, so it is corrected in type below.    The out of focus section on the bottom of the page gives the date 2/26/2010 and says "On a plane "home" from Wales. Remembering a [gibeous] moon low in the sky in the early morning about a month before."

The Waning Gibbous Moon
     by Phil Wyman

The waning gibbous moon slung low upon the sky
Winks, and bids the dawning day goodbye
It mocks me with its eloquence
It portends darker nights
And with the waning gibbous moon I sigh

The waning gibbous moon slides down to meet the line
Stops, where earth meets sky and dark meets light
Inerrant gibbous moon I sense
Prognosticates my life
and with the waning gibbous moon I cry

The waning gibbous moon slinks out beneath the sky
Flees, to squeeze the night time and the tide
O, soothe me omen gibbous moon
Reveal where I might fly
and with the waning gibbous moon I'll hide

Still in need of work, but basically there.  This is the continued efforts of seeing if sleeping on Cadair Idris made a poet or a madman out of me.


Kieran Conroy said...

Not too shabby, Phil. Though I'm still hedging my bets on madness too! :)

Pretty nice subject matter, given than you were actually IN the sky while you wrote it. Multiple prophetic references too, my inner Celt approves. Though now I wonder if you are aiming for the Ovate/prophetic order rather than the Bard. ;)

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Kieran,

The moon was just short of full last night too. Wrote it while the gibbous reigned I guess.

Jeremiah said...

I still like prophet or madman. But in this case, as I see you are definitely a poet, may any ill prophecy contained in the poem be short-term...


cern said...

Good stuff. :) The waning moon can be a focus for sending things out of your life. :)



Pastor Phil said...

Hi Mike and Mike,

The idea of sending things out is exactly what I am dreading most. Having a little bit too much of that lately. :-/

cern said...

Depends... sending pain and/or heartache out needn't be such a bad thing. But it pays to be VERY focused. There are times when that is quite hard to manage.