Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making Bookmarks Late at Night

So here I am working on a bookmark late into the night. I have this last Sunday of Advent to prepare for. My son Elijah and his wife Rhonda are moving to Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday after the service, and we will follow him a couple days later in my old 740 Diesel Volvo pulling a trailer full of his stuff. I mean old too. That car has over 200,000 miles on it, but even more suspect than the mileage is the age - it is as old as Elijah nearly - a 1986. Pray that we make it.

So in middle of all this it was suggested I make a bookmark. I am not good at this Photoshop work, but this is what I can do in a pinch. Kinda silly huh?

You don't have to be cruel and agree with me if you don't want to.


drm said...

Best of luck with your move.

Your bookmark looks nice. Although until I looked closely, the shadow on top of the left building looked like a zombie. o_O

carl said...

let me guess..
goudy oldsytle pointsized 48, 24 and 32 for the phone number?

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Daniel,

He's moving, we''re just helping. I don't think I'd leave Salem for Asheville.

But heh! You got a problem with zombies?

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Carl, professionals. Can't get anything by you.

drm said...


Ah - read that wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

Quite the contrary; I love zombies!

cern said...

Looking good dude. :)



mark said...

Nice bookmark, Bro

Adam Gonnerman said...

Looks nice. Far better than anything I could do.