Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One More Reason Tea Rules

Yes, that dark evil brew coffee was birthed in heart of the devil, but tea is the nectar of angels. Another piece of evidence that tea is cool comes from this BBC article.

Join me in the tea revolution! It's time to take back the leaves from the British who overtaxed us.


John Smulo said...

Don't you know that tea makes your eyes pop out and your skin wrinkly?

Actually...........I love tea. But coffee too.

Pastor Phil said...

Don't you be dissin' the tea goddess!

Marieke said...

If I didn't already love you for many reasons, I would love you for this, hehe!

YAY TEA!!!!! I love me some tea!

PS: Link didn't work - I wanna read that article!

carl said...

Tea is fun. Coffee is better.

IZenBet said...

tea is good, esspecially herbal stuff with no caffeine for evening...but i agree with the dual coffee/tea folks...hoffi coffi & tea!